Bad Gateway Error 502 when using Chrome

Frequently using Chrome when I try to go into the ITSM area I get a bad gateway error 502. No problems with Internet Explorer.

Hello @Velvis We are unable to replicate the issue from our end, have you tried to optimize your Chrome?

Actually, I just had it happen in Internet Explorer as well

@Velvis We will further investigate this issue and and we will update you as soon as possible thru an email.

It seems the ‘gateway error’ sporadically affects different users. There were earlier reports from a few users of the same incident but so far nothing conclusive. I tested on my side using Chrome and Firefox. The ITSM control panel loaded normally on both browsers.

We have not received any feedback yet coming from the cloud server-side. For now, the best we can do is wait and observe.

Thanks for looking into it, mine came back up before I came back to try again, which was about an hour later.

Anyone else having this problem again???

@BOSS I am using Chrome and Firefox to check if I’m going to get the 502 error and so far ITSM loaded normally on both browsers after I toggled or clicked on those links. May we know the option(s) or link(s) that you’re getting the 502 error in ITSM?

I just opened ITSM, like normal, it is back up today.

Hi @BOSS It’s good to learn that it is working. If you have other issues or questions please do not hesitate to reach us. Thank you.