Branding of macOS agent and CCS

Does Itarian have plans to allow for re-branding of the macOS communication client and security client? I can’t see any option to do this for macOS profiles which seems strange given that you can do it on Windows.

We have informed our ITarian Team to review your reported issue and get back to your case as quickly as possible.

@SethHD, thanks for the update. I’ll wait to hear from you.

Hi @SethHD,

I haven’t had an update on this yet. Please could you find out what’s going on?

Many thanks,


Hi @inspiratechnologygro ,

We don’t have a planned date for branding of Linux and MacOS. But I will add to my roadmap.

Thank you for your understanding.


Any update on where this is on the roadmap? The macOS CC and Security clients are really ugly and I would almost rather just not install them or support mac at all because of this.

Maybe i should be using a different RMM for my mac users…