Branding Options.Profile>UI Settings.

So far so good, haven’t done all the logos yet.

But, the support website isn’t long enough we need more characters, currently only 25.
The link isn’t clickable and the email isn’t a link either.

How you finding the branding part of this other than this?
Look promising?

Yep. Looks very nice. Just created a ui only profile. Change as needed then make it default. I guess that’s the best way. Just need the logos created.

Ideal, so it applied your multiple profiles correctly to have the branding etc?
I love having different profiles, names life so much easier.

It pushed it out and I then changed something last time I checked the profile was pending. Will have more time tomorrow;)

So it all works :slight_smile: CCC and CCS see to be all updated.

Excellent news, really looking forward to it