Can Itarian inform me if a device has gone offline?

Is there a way for the RMM to inform me (via email) if an endpoint has gone offline, and for how long?

Does this feature work now? I was never able to get it to work and comodo support even told me there were problems with the feature and suggested that I use ping monitor instead.

Hello @sysut1 and @Jeff_mock,

We are totally aware of the issue about our online and offline monitoring alerts and our development team is handling this on the core level so that there would be a proper fix and have better performance than before.

This work is planned to be completed in our December release.

We thank you for your patience on this matter.

When resolved by the December update, will the endpoint need to be back online for the “offline” notification, or will the Comodo platform handle this?

In other words, if the endpoint fails to re-connect we may not even know that it was offline without monitoring the ITSM.

Hi @sysut1
The ITSM server will take care of it. You can opt to ‘disable+enable’ the monitor if you want to make sure it is properly applied to the target endpoint.

@Anna_C Will this be fixed in the December release?

We do not have the final release notes (yet) for the Dec 1st release @nct but it is the product development team’s goal to deliver it in the upcoming release.

Any update on this @Rick_C ?

We do not have any specifics yet @nct aside from the fact that it is included in the product roadmap’s short-term implementation timeline. Whatever the reason for the delay, we can assure you that the product development team did it to make sure it comes out correctly (alongside other fixes that will come with it).

Will there be a follow up function as well like if the device is offline check if it’s back online periodically and send alerts?

@derlukas ,

Yes there is. A complete overhaul of this function is being reconstructed by the development team. We’ll make certain that everyone gets informed when it gets deployed on production environment.


Hi everyone,

We are aware that the functionality has great importance and waiting. And the good new is, the function is ready by the development team and will be available with January release.

Thank you for your patience on this matter.

Have a great day!


Hello @Kevin35 ,

The issue is already fixed December last year, we would like to verify if you are experiencing it?


This works for us