Can not access any of my endpoints

I can no longer access none of my endpoints, remotely. I was in the middle of 4-5 remote sessions, and boom, everything dropped. I can no longer bring them open in the remote desktop module, or the client side. I really need this up, since I had several sessions open. It did finally let me log back into the admin console, shows my systems as up, but will not open them.

Guys, I am back up!!!

First the devops side then the RMM side took action on the problem, It was resolved by 02.02.2017 01:00 (GMT+3)

Same happened to me, I tried to update the ITSM Agent and reinstall the RMM Agent as well but the remote desktop session get stocked on “Connected to the peer via TCP Relay” and the screen never shows up, I tried to use the RMM Console and by trying to remote control the screen shows black

Thanks support, the procedure sent worked as expected.