Can not log in to control panel

This morning I could not log in at all. Perhaps it’s related to the latest update? After typing in my username/pw the login screen stays. Nothing happens. Please help! Thanks

OK. I had to switch to the Itarian website to log in. Until today, I was logging in at the Comodo site. I was kicked out and couldn’t log back in. However, after the Itarian site took my pw it gave me a “bad gateway” error page. I had to refresh for the site to work. Thought I’d describe my experience in case someone else is having similar issues. Thanks

I can’t get in at all. I had been using the Comodo login page because the Itarian login page just says User is Not Found.

Now the Comodo page doesn’t do anything at all as described above.

And the Itarian login page continues to say User is Not Found. So Now I can’t get in at all.

Hello @igroup and @ynot

As the new release is still ongoing, you may encounter these login issues.

You may check the status of the maintenance thru this link:

I’m brand new to this platform. How long can I expect to lose access when maintenance is done. This is over 12 hours without now.

Hi @ynot, the maintenance usually takes 4 hours to deploy. Rest assured that our engineering team are working to have this resolved the soonest possible time. You may refer to this post for additional update on the recent release:

Alright, thanks!

If you clear all your browser cache and try again all will come to life.

With the recent domain name changes I think the new status page is at