Cannot Access These forums if using Dome Shield

You get bad gateway errors, have confirmed this with multiple sites…
Had to use turn of dome shield to make this post.

I was receiving 502 Bad Gateway errors earlier today trying to access the forums as well without Dome Shield enabled.

Hi @virtusit, @Kristan
There was indeed an issue with the access to the forums earlier but that has been addressed already (as evidenced by this post). All this unwanted side-effects of the Itarian transition will eventually be smoothed out. So please, hang in there. :wink:

Hi @virtusit

Could you please provide some more details about the issue you experienced?

502 Gateway is an error that can be related to Dome Shield (our DNS resolvers) only one way: you might get blocked from a domain, as your Dome Shield Policy would dictate, and you would see 502 Gateway error instead of our block page; which also should not be the case as we haven’t experienced such issues nor was reported any.

Please provide details so that we can investigate it further.


Again today…
502 Bad Gateway

From sites using DOME…

Hi Virtuist,

Having it checked… Will inform about the investigation.

@virtusit Can you please share an nslookup result for one of the domains you get this error with?