Cannot install on ios

I am trying to install the agent on a new iPhone 8 and am not able to do so. I use Safari to navigate to the link, and it asks to install a package, but during the installation, it stops and says FAILED.

The error message says "Profile Installation Failed. the payload “Comodo Endpoint manager’ is invalid. OK”

Yes, the package signature says VERIFIED

Hello @nnsit,

The issue is usually related to the APNs iOS/Mac OS Certificate that is not set up in your Endpoint Manager (EM). Please make sure to set up your APNs OS Certificate by following the instruction described on this link:

You need to create an APN (Apple Push Notification) first before enrolling your Apple Devices.

If above steps were done and still getting the same issue, we advise to please try to delete/uninstall your iPhone again including the APN Certificate. Then try to start from beginning by creating APN then enrolling device in EM.

Please let us know the outcome.

I have the same problem.