Can't Login / Sign in with RMM console

The installer runs fine. I have the module turned on. I put in my user name and password, but when I click on the “SIGN IN” button I get this error “Error: A network error has occured while trying to sign in! Please check your network connectivity and try again.” This happens on two different machines. One is running windows 7 Pro 32 and the other is Server2008R2. I thought maybe my hardware firewall was blocking, so I bypassed it and now it works. I am running a Sonicwall TZ205. What do I need to do to operate behind the firewall. Thanks.

Hello @jwoolf

We can provide you with a document with all the connections and ports used by the Comodo One Module and it’s modules. Please send us an email to and we will provide this to you. Thank you.

Hello @jwoolf ,

The list of IP addresses and ports that need to be allowed in your firewall has been provided by email.

Here is what you provided for RMM:

Other Components FQDN IP Ports Direction
RMM Agent & Console --- 8080, 443 TCP Outgoing
What I don't quite get is that the ip and port info for the RMM console is "outgoing" and my firewall rule is LAN > WAN Source:Any Destination:Any Service:Any ALLOW Do I need to setup a rule for LAN>WAN Source:,,,69.4.80. 249 Destination: machine) Service: 8080, 443

Well I tried everything including a rule for LAN>WAN Source:Any Destination: (My internal IP) Service: Any ALLOW
this did not work. I will try a packet capture to analyze the traffic to and from the RMM Administration Console.

I am using a Sonicwall TZ205

It was the Intrusion Prevention Service on the Sonicwall blocking comdo. I added the ip addresses to the IPS exclusion list now everything works. Thanks