Can't uninstall agents

Entered protection password at Client Access Control.

Installed Communication and Security agents. Trying to delete - they not deletining! Entering admin password, no errors. Uninstall process done, but all agents remains! How to delete them?

How to remotely uninstall security agent?

Hello @Sergey ,

If the Comodo Clients are password protected through the profile associated with the device, it is possible to remotely uninstall them by following the steps below:

  1. Remove the password protection through the profile, or replace the profile with another one that is not password protected.
  2. Run the “Uninstall Comodo Clients (Warning!)” procedure on the device.
  3. Delete the device from the C1 portal.

Task - delete security agents only. Communication agent should rest.


The procedure can be modified, better yet it can be cloned then edited. You can remove the communication agent from the procedure and use it only for the removal of the security product.

All deleted, but when PC starts - error “Comodo security agent could be started”. How to remove it ?
Services - only Comodo helper exists (turned off). Communication agent - uninstalled.

Hello @Sergey ,

We have contacted you over email with more information regarding this issue.