CCC Agent can't communication with "dm server" after reboot


For the moment I both have Desktop Central and Comodo Agent on my servers, I rebooted one server before and now it is offline in the ITSM but online in Desktop Central Pro. Why? Both is running as service?

I had to restart the ITSMService, and that failed so it stopped, then I started it again and it was working as it should, I think that happens now and then.

Before the restart of the ITSMServer the agent just stod in “pending” mode on the connection to server but after the restart it connected directly.

I can’t have it like that on the servers.

This is a common problem. Please wait until the next release in a couple of weeks. If you browse the forums you will see this all over the place.

99% will work as expected. The is the odd 1% that show incorrect. Yes restarting the ITSM Service should kick things back online.