Feature request:

Do you can provide chat with customer? Like Temviewer do…

Also be great if be possible to integrate this chat to our web-site

Hi @Sergey

I will request internal team for this feature and let you know the updates.

@Sergey chat would be a great addition.

… and as next step… C1 need internal chat for stuff… is it possible?

So I write to stuff1: “Ivan, go to shop -buy some coffee!”. Or on-chat operator may redirect customer to internal stuff.

“Ivan responds”
go get your own coffee!!! :slight_smile:

Joking aside…yes good idea

You do not need to write your own chat system. is free and available with API integration and HipChat is another alternative.

Like “Your MSP is allways with you”? :wink:

Yes, there are many opensource chats. For example, we use Live Helper chat. This chat allow web-site integrate and allow chating with own departments.

Then you say “Sudo Ivan go and get some coffee” :stuck_out_tongue:

So, as we see, stuff should learn linux for better understanding of they boss :slight_smile:

Next step - Comodo, please make remote control interface for stuff :slight_smile: with links in device list :slight_smile:

If you are looking for opensource on your server look at Mattermost.

hmmm… Comodo, about chat…

Is it possible to provide at MSP’s profile of C1 block “Java script” and let MSPs puts they own chats… Any what they want…

Great thing. I think we will use it as main chat system at our company. Thanks a lot.

Chat feature would be included at Q2 of 2017 as per the road map for feature request release.

Are we talking about Complete Chat system like Mattermost Deployment?

Hi @ymi

Details are not fully designed yet but it would be full feature chat client customized for support workflow.

For example: you would be able to add the chat history to a ticket or to knowledge base with one click if you want. Or, you would be able to define, all chat requests to be captured as ticket on your off hours.


Some services provide VoIP-call vidgets for web-sites. Is it possible integrate “Phone call from what” functionality to chat?

In that case mattermost would be a good starting point as it already support integration.

Hi Sergey,

Could you please explain a little bit more about this, “Phone call from what”?

@ymi , yes, we would start with initial set and continue to improve.

From Chat (phone’s T9 changed my input) :slight_smile: