Closed tickets on Client Side Portal

Clients can see the open tickets but we need them to be able to see the closed ones as well so that they can review notes, times and materials after complete repairs.

I am shocked that this is not the standard for the service desk portal for clients.

Am I missing a setting somewhere or permission or user type?


Interesting issue.
So you have users register so they can log into SD from the client side, but when they do, “closed” tickets are not listed at all?

I know this used to work, maybe something that has changed in the updates.
Have you created a test customer, registered them and tried to see if they can access a closed ticket you have made for testing?

Okay, my misunderstanding of the interface. Please close thread. Also I am going to make a new thread for a request.

@azon2111 ,

We thank you for your response.