Comodo Agent Cannot Install

I’ve been trying to install the agent on multiple systems but nothing happens. It just extracts and stops. Please help here.

Hi @chales
We created a support ticket for your concern. Please do reply to the email at your convenience.

I can’t respond to the mail…don’t know why…


Can’t respond to the mail…


We’ll have that checked on our side, @chales . For now, you can post here your reply to our inquiry about the type of installer you were using that kept failing to complete the endpoint enrollment process.

Hello @chales
May we request from you a complete version of the screenshot you attached in your previous post. Specifically, the technical details being referred to in that email. Please do send the screenshot (or the email depicted in the screenshot) to at your convenience. Please also mention in that email that you are sending this in response to a forum post.

Thank you in advance.

Rick, I’ve sent the screenshot. How can my issue be resolved? I still can’t install the agent.


We would like to know which type of the of the ‘Comodo agent’ installer are you using to enroll a device? Is that the one you get from the enrollment instruction email (for single use)? Or are you using the bulk installer?