Comodo Client Security for Mac (September Release)

Hello, everyone.

We are excited to inform you that we will be releasing an update for the Comodo Client-Security for Mac on Monday (Oct 8, 2018) morning. Here are the updates that will take place with this release:

New Features

  • Cloud Intelligence. Cloud lookups have been seamlessly integrated into antivirus scans. This means all files are checked against the latest whitelist/blacklist hosted on Comodo servers. Your clients are always protected against the latest threats, even if the local virus database is out of date.


  • Performance enhancements. Comprehensive design improvements mean that CCS resource consumption is now lower than ever. Your endpoints will be faster while still benefiting from the robust protection delivered by CCS.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of incorrect status on CCS for Mac tray icon
  • Fixed the issue of hanging during real-time scans
  • Fixed the disappearing issue of antivirus notifications

New Client Versions

  • macOS Client - Communication 6.23.17336.18100
  • macOS Client - Security