Comodo CRM Email templates

The CRM email templates field variables are not working. Also, I would like the ability for the template to auto populate invoice info, such as payment amount owed for all invoices.

Hi @Aoit,

We would like to assist you on this that is why we sent you and email for clarification and to inform you regarding your request. Thanks!

Another feature that would be helpful is when I send an invoice via email, it would be nice if the status of the invoice was automatically changed to sent.

Hi @aoit
We went ahead and added your above post to your existing request ticket.

Comodo is committed to your satisfaction and we, in C1 Support, will work with our product development team to ensure the best possible response. While we strive to achieve resolution as quickly as possible, issues that require configuration changes are typically completed in less than five business days and those that would require a code change will be available with the next release. After the team has reviewed your issue, we will pass along any additional updates.