Comodo dome blocking issues

Good afternoon my name is antonio and im using comodo dome shield for a week or less without any problems , but since yesterday i m having troubles conecting with some websites like for instance: or and i ve foud out that DOME is blocking them, i dont know why is this hapening i do know if i for instance use comodo vpn service that i do also have, i can go to those sites , so im asking if you could help undertanding whats happening? i would apreceate thank you !. By the way comodo web inspector reports that the too sites that ive mensioned earlier are safe im sending some screenshots and dome csv for you to see thank you!
By the way now im using opendns home free service and nothing from ​ or is blocked!

António Domingos
Área de anexos

Hi Antonio,

Thanks for the valuable feedback. I recommend you to send an email to, the IP address of the network you are experiencing the issue.

Meanwhile, I recommend you to go to Configure>B/W Lists and Create a Whitelist including above mentioned domains e.g :, . And after you create the whitelist, go to Configure > Policy and include the Whitelist you’ve created in the policy for the network you are experiencing the problem.

This should solve the issue and upon receiving your email we will be able to analyze it in more detail.

Hi Antonio,

If you are trying to allow/block a domain with all its’ subdomains you can simply add them like below :


So in your case you can add them as below:

You can also add subdomains to allow/block a specific subdomain as well. e.g :

in above example, allow/block action will be applied to a specific subdomain but rest of the subdomains e.g: or will still be accessible and vice-a-versa.

Allo again Mr bulut thank you again for your kind information,i did what you explained to me and i think it worked , meanwile i hade made contact with, and they told me that they were taking care of this matter and they were fyxing it, and when they fix it they would contact me , again
never the less i folowed your instructios and i think i did it well or not, i dont know, but the sites were unblocked and i can get to them without problems now, using DOME SHIELD ,
ive now made an experiment wich is this: i deleted the white list that ive created with your instructions to see if the domains were blocked again, and so far nothing is beeing blocked!
maybie the suport service had already solved the mater , thank you for your help again and sorry for my bad english! i hoppe you can understand my words! have a good day!