Comodo Dome Shield (Gold) Non-Compliant


I just tested Comodo Dome Shield and after 300K of DNS requests you’re stuck and you’re account is in Non-Compliant mode till the end off the month.

I even don’t know where those 300K Request are comming from but in just 14 days it seems a lot…

My problem now I cant disable Networks, or delete anything… we should be able to turn this thing off (Disable) or and remove networks at any time while its active…

For now i removed the commodo DNS ip nrs on the remote site.

Hello @Itarian_FAN

We appreciate you bringing that up to our attention and we are happy to create a feature request based on the said recommendation. We will notify you once we receive any updates from our development team, and thank you for your continued support.

With best regards

Do you guys are aware of that the Communication Client also create a lot of DNS requests? Maybe you could Exclude because its not fair to count that too

Hello @Itarian_FAN ,

Please respond to the email we’ve sent you so we can escalate and let our developers know about your concern.

Thank you.

I agree that this should not be included in the requests.

But the premium license is worth having to be honest.

Hi ITarian FAN,

We are aware that our clients and agents create DNS requests as well. The thing is, although these requests are listed and displayed on your graphs in dashboard; they are excluded from your DNS requests limits. We will remove those requests from the graphs as well, soon, to eliminate any misunderstanding of this sort.

Thanks for bringing up this topic to the discussion.

Dome Shield Team

Alright, since i already have 300K requests in less then 14days testing i reached the limit. I was wondering where all those requests comming from.

The thing is that i have to wait another 2 weeks to use/test the product and in the meantime i cannot stop, disable or even delete networks/rules so im handcuffed.

As you may have noticed, your service is not stopped or interrupted in this process, and continues the same way the last time you configured it; to make changes in configurations and settings, you can sign up for 1-month trial and continue to test the product or you can “go Platinum” to start using Dome Shield Platinum that offers limitless DNS usage and Local DNS Resolvers based exclusive features.

We would like to have you continue testing the product and start using it!

I don’t like the idea that you cant stop/disable Dome Shield Gold or do anything when you are over the limit…it looks like im locked in a (test) driving car and i cant get out or you have to buy it.

Hi @Itarian_FAN

For some installs you will probably not have to change much so the limit for Gold is OK.

If you are using this service for a medium size company or multiple companies I suggest looking at Platinum license.

If you need prices for this please let us know.

I’m trying to Upgrade to the Platinum license but when I click BUY next to where it says, “Upgrade to Dome Shield PLATINUM for no DNS requests limit and for more features!” it takes me to the Itarian Store where I only have 3 options, “Acronis Cloud Backup”, “Comodo Dome Security Web Gateway”, and “Comodo Dome Anti-Spam”. Previously when I clicked BUY it took me directly to a screen where I could purchase the Platinum license.

Also, I’m confused about the difference between Comodo Dome Shield Platinum and Comodo Dome Security Web Gateway.

You have many products and some that sound similar and it’s hard to find documentation differentiating them.

If you want licenses I can provide these for you, just PM me the number of users/devices you need for the quote (and your currency as we supply to US, UK and EU).

The different is a lot!
Dome Shield is a DNS filtering system only.
Dome Security Web Gateway is a full AV, containment, SSL inspection and DNS proxy hosted in the cloud.

Hope this helps.

So Dome Security Web Gateway is DNS filtering plus AV, SSL, etc.? I was only going to purchase one to test out and see how I like it before going any further.

Correct, it is a full proxy that provides AV protection including containment and other security features like SSL etc

It is a good system, but basically the idea is to scan and stop hackers and attackers via the proxy before the traffic reaches your device.

The more layers of protection you have the safer you will be.

Definitely. I don’t want to bug you for one license, so I’ll just purchased it from my dashboard and give it a try first.

No problem.

When you come to wanting the service or not please come back to us as we can do fab deals and setup support as you have hopefully seen.