COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver issues

I’ve been experiencing a rash of issues that are only resolved by disabling the firewall driver. The affected workstations appear online in Endpoint Manager but I can’t use any of the remote tools (Remote control, task manager, etc.) to connect. The users of these workstations report that they have no network connectivity. I can’t replicate the problem, and I haven’t had an opportunity to get my hands on one to troubleshoot from the desktop. The event logs aren’t showing anything unusual, and disabling the firewall in the profile doesn’t help. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas where I can start troubleshooting?

Hello @wayne.clement
From the situation that you describe, you can try a re-installation of CCS on one of the affected endpoints. There are procedures available to do this remotely but it will be better if you manually do this either through physical or remote access.

If you decide to proceed with the manual method, we suggest using the Comodo Removal Tool. Another forumer has already provided you the link for it in one of your threads.

Rick, thanks for the suggestion on fixing the symptom but I’m looking for a root cause solution. Many of these workstations are remote and I don’t have local IT staff to manually uninstall and reinstall. I have the firewalls disabled on my 900+ endpoints to contain this issue. When I enable the firewall more workstations turn up with this issue. I would love to keep the firewall enabled because I use it to block hosts I don’t want my users hitting, but without knowing WHY the problem is happening I’m running Comodo in a reduced state.

Don’t you worry @wayne.clement. We will do our utmost best to address your concern with the firewall interfering with the devices’ network connectivity. We created a support in your behalf for this concern. Feel free to reply at your convenience.

We had a patch like this, now we have FW enabled for all except any peer to peer based sharing or printing setups (servers are fine as FW not part of CCS for servers)
The firewall is getting better, but it is still a hit and miss product when trying to get non standard items to work with it.

Depending on your version of the AV you might have to uninstall and reinstall.

We have found that even after upgrading from a broken version to a working version it does not always work correctly and even the uninstall does not work and suggest you jump straight to the removal tool and this always works then.