Comodo One What ip/web addresses for firewalls


We use some Anti-Virus and soft firewall/http blocking rules to prevent web access for certain clients endpoints. what exceptions are needed or web addresses used by Comodo One’s platform for remote monitoring/management/patching etc.

a list would be great so we can centrally add them to be excluded from the rules

Hello @Marveltec,

ITSM Agent (COCC):

  • FQDN: (Amazon load balancing)

  • Port: 443 TCP

  • Direction: Outgoing


AV Database Definitions Updates:



  • IPs:

  • Ports: 4447 UDP and 4448 TCP

  • Direction: Outgoing


  • IP:

  • Port: 443 TCP

  • Direction: Outgoing

RMM Agent&Console:

  • IPs:

  • Ports: 80, 443 TCP

  • Direction: Outgoing

PM Agent:

Service Desk: Service Desk module is using IP address: on port 443

CRM: Same as Service Desk -

Hi @Matthew

Thank you