Comodo Quote Manager Improvements


I know Comodo Quote Manager is very new and it will mature as time goes on but having tested it a bit I know we won’t be able to adopt or use it until a few features are added.

  1. the from email for sending should be able to be set/configured.
  2. Quote creator should get copy of clients replies directly to their email address
  3. Quote notes should be able to be made available to clients view when reviewing quotes (i.e. tick box for each note to either display to client as part of quote or not)
  4. Option to add items at time of creating quote.
  5. configurable unit of measurement for each item/service i.e. network cable (mtr), Labour (hr), keyboard (ea)
  6. Project type template allowing a more narrative type of quote for describing how, why and when for quoting on projects like supplying a new server with a migration project (maybe this could be a new module altogether to quote and manage projects as well as assigning resources such as staff and managing the project from start to finish)
  7. Import/export for adding and updating items and item pricing.
  8. Client accepted quotes should create a checklist/works order view of the quote that can then be assigned internally to an employee to complete/action once they set this checklist/works order to complete it should be assigned to accounts person for invoicing (they can invoice on 3rd party software) after which they can then set the status of the quote to invoiced/complete.

Hello @Marveltec

Thank you for your interest in using Comodo Quote Manager.

We have escalated these requests and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Great feedback @Marveltec! we haven’t started playing around with this yet but this could end up being a big time saver for us.

Hello @USAComputerServices ,

We will get back to you on email as soon as the features become available.

Thank you for your interest!