I installed the EDR Client on a single Windows 10 machine yesterday which then would lock up and become unstable. Removing the agent and rebooting has resolved. Is the EDR compatible with Windows 10?

Hi Joners,

First of all, I’d like to start by saying Comodo EDR is compatible with Windows 10. However, we’ve been reported similar issues and so we are currently working on it.

May I kindly ask your architecture? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit? Also your Windows 10’s verison? (You can simply type “systeminfo” on the Command Prompt screen)

Also you can shoot me PM or email for further explanation.

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Alphan Erten
s: alphanerten

Hi, ive PM’d you the details.

@Joners and @Alphan can you help me understand the purpose of EDR vs Endpoint Security?

This is gonna be sort of a repost from “EDR Highlights” thread:

“EDR is a very new concept for most of the people. Some folks actually mistake the concept EDR for EPP (Endpoint Protection Platforms) but in reality the two concepts are complementary to each other. To be more specific, EDR relates more to visualization of vulnerabilities or attacks that slips under the radar of conventional anti-virus systems or other endpoint protection tools most of which implements the so called “next-gen Anti-virus” tools. However in the cases of APTs (Advanced Persistant Threats) or zero-day attacks neither conventional nor next-gen anti-virus tools suffice to protect the environment. It is primarily because these tools solely (almost) rely on signature based tools for detection. EDR on the other hand fills the gap by continuously monitoring into endpoints and detecting malware based on dynamic and pattern analysis.”

In Comodo EDR vs. Comodo AEP case though, you might think AEP already covers most of the EDR’s functionalities and you might be right but EDR takes AEP’s approach one step futher. EDR provides real time visibility into endpoints. The very core concept of Comodo EDR is visualization of events. What we aim about visualization is that we believe EDR portals should provide more than just system gauges. In other words, EDR dashboard is designed to provide unrivalled “actionable knowledge” to users.

Hope this helps. I will be glad to explain in case you need further explanation.