Computer does not appear in dashboard

After following the getting started guide, the test computer is not in the dashboard. I see the RMM Agent, and in the ADD/Remove programs the Comodo One Patch Management Agent is installed. It has been 2 hours and the Computer still does not appear in the dashboard.

If you are sure that you enrolled the customers under same company that you are looking, please send me a Private Message with your company name and admin account to be investigated.

It is working now. I was under the assumption that you could use the same setup number for all of the computers under your account. After creating an additional object and using the new code, the computer appeared.
thanks for you reply

I am having a similar issue where I downloaded the RMM and PM all in one and installed on three different test machines. All three show up under the correct company for RMM however none show up in the PM area at all.


Could you please confirm if the Patch Management appears in Programs and Features on those test machines?

I am having a similar issue as well. I have installed as directed and machines show in RMM but do not show up in PM console anywhere. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled as recommended in the forums as well. I have given at least an hour in between and I received no errors at all on the installation.


On the test machines which do not appear in the PM console, please access Programs and Features from Control Panel (or type appwiz.cpl in a run box) and let us know if the Patch Management shows installed on the system.

I have verified that patch management does in fact show up in programs, as I said the installation seems to go fine with no issues at all and I have verified all machines have the patch management installer in the list of programs.

I’m having this with one client as well. Was having trouble installing from the RMM/PM installer so saved the x86 file, transferred it over, and ran it. Once the RMM was installed successfully, I gave it the command in the Console to install the PM client. It showed up in the Add/Remove after a few minutes but has yet to show up in the RMM portal.

Hello @mcarpani , @PromptCare ,

It might take up to 20 minutes for the computer to show up in the dashboard. Also, please check in all the companies that you have added to Comodo One, to see if you can find the computer in a different company that the one you expect. If none of this will help, please collect the Patch Management agent logs from those endpoints (the logs can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Comodo One Patch Management Agent\logs ) and send them over to us at so we can check what is going on.

Found the problem with the one I was referencing: the Console told me that the “Install PM” procedure ran without fault but, when I connected remotely to the PC, it was not installed. And, paired with the server problems C1 is having today, I am unable to reinstall it at all right now.

@PromptCare the server issues should be over now so everything should work just fine now

Having this problem as well. One workstation in particular refuses to show up in the PM.

I removed the PM agent and reinstalled it several times. Waiting 2 hours for it to show up each time. It never shows up.

Also the portal overview says there are agents, but when you go to the PM company it shows 0 agents. I tested this by installing the PM agent to my personal laptop for a company. Then I removed the agent later on. It still shows that the agent exists, but you can’t remove it.

Hello @Larry_NSIT

Just to be confirm with you, when you tried to remove the PM Agent, you selected the device in the console and then clicked on the Trash sign next to the AgentName tab, correct?
If yes, then please take a few screenshots of what you see in the console and send them to and please link the Forum post as well.

This last time I waited 4 hours and it finally appeared in the PM. I am not sure why it took so long, but it seems to be working now.