Constant Disk Activity

Well, after a user reported things being slow, I noticed that her hard drive was grinding non-stop. I went into the disk performance utility on Windows 7 and found 5 or 6 instances of rmmservice.exe that was consistently first or second in total I/O bites. I finally decided to tear out comodo agent and the security agent and the hard dtive activity has dropped to almost nothing. What the heck is going on?


We apologize to hear of your reported issue. We would like to assist further in investigating your case. We will create a support ticket and will correspond with you via support email. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience.

Hi @jmock

there is a fix that has been made for this to which we have been testing.
So far I’m pleased to say this has been working great and has solved the issue with every machine we have manually patched.

The team are currently working on a release for this which we are hoping will be before the standard scheduled release.

Good to hear. Thank you robin!