Create Local User

I couldn’t find this one in my searches.

I’d appreciate a script that creates a local user :slight_smile:

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Please look on this below JSON file to achieve your need.

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20181128-create-local-user-account.json (1.45 KB)

Thank you. I’m getting an error with that link.
Invalid File Specified

Worked this time. Thanks!

I’ve run that proc on 2 computers (win 10 & 8) I get no error messages and my procedures both give me a “user created successfully” however when i check the 2 computers the usernames are not there? I’ve also run a proc to list my local users and it’s not there either? Am i missing something?

@reinamsp I’m getting the same result. “User created successfully” but there is no additional user on the machine.

Hi @armorcoded and @reinamsp,

Give this script a try – it’s configurable via parameters. Run as LocalSystem User, and configure the parameters as required (User Name, Password, and Permissions Group to add the user to – e.g. Remote Desktop Users or Administrators).

20181130-Create-a-new-Local-User-Account.json (2.83 KB)

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Kindly refer the following script link which will help you to achieve your goals perfectly

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@Tamilselvam Thanks, this works!

still having some difficulties with this script. I also tried the one from Tamilselvam but it doesn’t add the new user. Is there something I should do to before running these scripts to prep for a new user? I do get message that says success and that the procedure ran successfully, it also lists the username, password and group.

Hello @reinamsp

kindly read description part and instruction carefully which has been provided on the script link before running the script. Regarding the creation of the user using the following script.
you should configure the following parameters before running the script for the creation of the user.

Edit Parameters:

option = ‘1’ #option 1: For creating user provide the uN and pwd
uN - Provide the username for the user account
pwd - Provide the password for a user account


option = “1” uN = “Lava24”
pwd= ‘Comodo@1234’

We hope this will clearly satisfy your needs.
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@Tamilselvam YES it worked thank you for your help and patience.