Creating Alerts - How to get new departments in service desk to show up

The only options in ITSM when creating ticket from an alert is

  • support department
  • sales department
  • maintenance department

Is there anyway of having new departments from service desk appear in this list?

Hello @rockowwc ,

Currently it is only possible to select the default (predefined) Departments: Sales, Maintenance and Support from Alert settings.
However,we have a similar feature request already shows in the roadmap wherein Custom SD Departments will also be available in Alerts settings.
This is expected to be delivered within 2018Q3 releases.

Please tell us if you want to receive an email for any important update on this request.

Kind Regards,

Yes please, its kind of painful, as it means I have to re purpose the sales department and setup sales again… not that i have any use for that one…

Hello @rockowwc ,

We understand. Rest assured that we `ll send you an email for any important update from the request.
Support team will get in touch with you shortly thru email.