CSS Containment/Sand Box

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Quick one, does the version of CSS included with the free ITSM license include Comodo’s containment feature or is this only available with the Premium or Managed ITSM licenses?

There is no free version of CCS.The ITSM agent is free so is CRC

@dittoit Are you sure? I’ve been using ComodoOne with the Basic(Free) ITSM license for over a year and I have installed CSS, via ComodoOne, onto a couple of machines which have been running with CSS for about 10 months now. I haven’t had any bills added to my account for the CSS and CSS is still 100% operational. Leads me to believe that there is a free version.

Hi @providingit

Comodo Client Security (CCS) is a premium offering and available for everyone for 30 days free trial. After that, we don’t auto disable the security component since we don’t want to cause any weakness over your security posture but you must pay for the installations otherwise, you are in breach of contract (EULA).

You can see the license options under ITSM main toolbar - License Options menu or under Comodo ONE - Management - Applications - Add new subscription menu.

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Contact @StrobeTech for your licenses.

@dittoit and @Ilker are correct on this. The system is designed to be easy and secure without leaving you in trouble.

If you don’t buy licenses this is obviously not good for Comodo and eventually due to you breaking the EULA steps would be taken.

But we don’t want that, we are all a happy bunch here that like to help each other, this is the philosophy of Comodo and the platform.

If you need licenses please speak to us as we have special great rates for MSPs backed by our extensive knowledge of the system.


Thanks for clearing that up guys :slight_smile:

Now to figure out how to sell managed A/V to my clients who are used to using AVG free :"D

@providingit its a lot easier after AVG lets something through… But make sure they have a good functional backup incase its ransomware…

Another EULA broken. AVG free is not for business use…

Hi @providingit

you do not seem to be having much luck with getting all this sorted, so here are some quick steps that can help straight away: -

  1. PM me your details and I’ll drop you an email with costing on the number of licenses you need etc

  2. Visit each client and have a discussion about their protection, key points to raise are: -

  • AVG free is an AV only, this has no advanced protection for newer threats like ransomware
  • AVG free is not for business use and continuing to do so breaks AVG's EULA meaning they could be fined
  • CCS is not free but gives a trial period which is randomly calculated based on the number of endpoints assigned to a company (small tail but help you out)
  • CCS is business grade with all future protections like AV, Containment, Firewall etc.....
3. Sell and migrate!
  • Anyone you already have on Comodo Client Security (CCS), explain to them that the trial period for this product is coming to a close and that you need to purchase licenses to stay within the EULA. You can then show them the good prices you have got from me at this point showing how prepared you are.
  • If they are not on CCS but on AVG present them with a cost for CCS as you already have these details prepared
  1. Got all signed on the dotted line and give me the good news so I can get you compliant and protected asap.

I hope the above helps, or at least gives you an idea our to get out of your issue.


@StrobeTech Got it.

I only had CCS installed on a couple of my test machines, not deployed to any of my clients.

As for the clients who are running AVG… this is quite typical to see here in South Africa, looking to get them all moved onto CCS to get them compliant and properly protected on that end.

Is your pricing different to that offered through the C1 portal?


“As for the clients who are running AVG… this is quite typical to see here in South Africa”

Come on now > I am a South African, we support a number of clients and we don’t 'typically see this. If we do find a client with AV in use outside the license terms we educate them & discuss why it is better for business to comply to license agreements and to use a commercial product! All clients we have ever had this conversation with willingly change & comply.
South Africans should not be generalized as law breakers :wink:


We must not support the same market segments, 90% of my current client base were previously doing their IT in-house, either by the owners or someone else with zero IT experience :"D. I’m sure you’ve experienced the same, where every computer in the company has 20 tool bars installed in IE, malware running rampant, desktop PC’s connected to the network with 10Mbps wireless NICs for no apparent reason(this was today’s special).

All things considered, most companies in SA are more than willing to purchase licensing once they have been given the talk. Just today, I convinced one client to moving 15 PC’s over to CCS at the end of the month. Two of those PC’s are running AVG free at the moment(and windows XP nogal) :stuck_out_tongue:

@providingit Good start! I am sure more success will follow…

I see a lot of great guidance as well. Thank you @dittoit @StrobeTech @rockowwc and @itb !!!

@Ilker I had another rmm tool on a machine running CCS with containment on and it was containing the powershell scripts it was running.
Had me wondering what was wrong with that tool, until a new scritpted monitor i setup detecting for files in containment alerted me…