Customise Monitoring Script

I am trying to customise the Monitoring script that Generates the alert if any software Uninstalled,installed or updated.

What i am trying to achieve is a script that only generates an alert if any software is Installed or Uninstalled as I do not want alerts for when software has been updated. As I will receive too many alerts every time Google Chrome updates for example.

I have played around with the script but it appears that some software has the version number in the “Display Name” so it will always trigger an alert in some way.

Is there a way around this and only generating an alert if someone has Installed or Uninstalled something.

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@AdamG ,

We thank you for making your request visible on our forum community. We have forwarded your request to our Scripts Team and we’ll provide you with an update as soon as possible.

@AdamG and @Jimmy Would monitoring the Event logs for these MSI events help? (There are different Event IDs for updates and patching.)

  • Installation events: 11707 or 1033 >> InstallOperation field of these events indicate Installation completed.
  • Uninstallation events: 11724 or 1034.>> InstallOperation field of these events indicate Removal completed.