Dashboard not updating


I was wondering how quickly the dashboard updates. I have enrolled a machine in RMM but when I goto the dashboard it is not showing. how long does it take to update.


Hello @enlightenedit ,

The agents should show up immediately in RMM Admin Console. Could you please check the installation status in ITSM to see if the installation was successful?

Hi Nick, RMM is showing fine it is just the Comodo One Dashboard which is not showing the data from ITSM. Patch Management is showing in the main dashboard fine.

Hello @enlightenedit ,

The widget sync with ITSM module has been disabled at the moment to prevent some possible stability issues. We will re-enable the sync on October 19th.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this issue has created!

Ah that explains that. Thanks for letting me know.

Ok i was also wondering as it seemed to not be updating correctly. will check again after October 19th thnx