Database not available when trying to delete a test site.

When I first set up Comodo RMM. I created a test site using the Manage sites within the desktop Console. I cannot remove it as I get the error “Error: Database server is not available at this moment. Please try again later.”

I would love to purge this site.



Hello @cwh-it ,

The problem was caused by the fact that you have doubled clicked on ‘DELETE SITE’ and the software has interpreted the second click as an attempt to delete a site that does not exist (because it was removed by the first click), hence the error message. We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in one of the future versions of RMM Administration Console.

@Nick This is not the case. Unless I have been double clicking on the site for the last 6 months. The site will not remove. Its still there. And Ive been trying, unsuccessfully to remove it for 6 months

Hello @cwh-it

Please collect the RMM console logs and sent them in an email at

The logs can be found here:

1. Navigate to: C\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\RMM Administration Console or to C\Program Files\COMODO\RMM Administration Console
2. Edit dbg_config.ini: change Level=7 to Level=15
3. Wait for the issue to reproduce and then collect Logs from:
C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\RMM Administration Console\logs or C:\Program Files\COMODO\RMM Administration Console\logs

Logs have been sent