Decommissioning (End of Life) Process of Old Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that with October release we are removing old RMM from default account provisioning and store. Customers who have already activated the old RMM will be able to use it for now. In a near future, we will completely decommission it and continue to support your remote management activities with IT & Security Manager (ITSM).

ITSM is receiving very positive feedbacks from our customers who have been using it and already has a great set of features and we will continue to improve it with new features such as file transfer and command line scripting etc.

If you have any difficulties with ITSM you can always reach us through forum and

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Comodo ONE Product Management

Hi @nct
The ‘RMM agent’ in the screenshot is for the ‘old’ RMM. That option will also go away once the ‘old’ RMM has been fully decommisioned

Hi, @ahmetenes

Is it expected that the features that are available in RMM will be available in ITSM or CRC before the RMM is fully decommissioned, or will some functionality be lost?



We would love to as much as possible transfer all features of the Old RMM to the New CRC. OUr Product Development team is looking at this process carefully to ensure much-needed features and functionality that had been requested will still be used in the near future.

We definitely need the CRC to catch up. Looking forward to the time it surpasses the old RMM capabilities.

@MTekhna ,

I agree. Since our development team mentioned decommissioning the OLD RMM in the near future. We are putting all efforts to have the New CRC working like the Old RMM.

What is the fate of the old Patch Management? Will it follow the same way also?

Agreed, I am new with Comodo but have gone through a lot of details with it in the short time since I started using it. I originally just went right with CRC on the remote control side as it was the only one that didn’t say old. At first I thought Comodo was lacking a lot of features that I would have expected to be standard, but then in a demo I was introduced to RMM, which has a lot of the functionality that I was looking for even though it was listed as the “old” console.

It does look like a good part of that functionality is trying to be introduced via procedures/scripts in ITSM, But this would be very cumbersome to have to use scripts/procedures for simple things that are currently available in RMM.

I could see that there is a lot of potential with CRC and ITSM being together if the ability in CRC can just be updated and some features similar to RMM included.

I understand that things will take time to get CRC caught up. Any idea when the expected full decommission of RMM will be?

@MTekhna , @RayBTWIT

We have integrated the features of the Old Patch Management into ITSM’s patch management system. Our Product development team, however, is still in discussion for the OLD RMMs features migrating to the New CRC. I’m sure it’s a lot of work but our developers had made extra efforts to make stability and basic features functioning in a timely manner.

@MTekhna As you can see from this topic (, we will decommision the OLD Patch management only for Windows devices by Nov 20th because we are confident that we can provide the same functionality with IT & SM Patch Management. Old Patch Management will continue to work for Linux and MacOS devices. For OLD RMM, we didn’t set any such date because we are aware that CRC is not fully capable what old RMM can do as of now.

Thanks for your feedbacks. We are taking those really seriously to continuosly improve our products.

Best Regards,
Product Manager for IT&SM Patch Management

@emrahsamdan @Jimmy
Maybe I am confused on this, but wasn’t the original post on this saying that RMM would be decommisioned? Was it meant to say patch management and not RMM?

Disregard, I missed the post from MTekhna asking about the patch management.

Hello @RayBTWIT,

We apologize for the confusion. This forum topic is for Decommissioning (End of Life) Process of Old Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and for the Old Patch Management you may check it here:


Yeah, I realized my confusion with it after reading back through the posts a little more carefully :slight_smile:

Do you know an estimated date that the RMM is expected to be fully decommissioned?

If you need someone to do any testing with new CRC features then let me know. I can put a couple of VMs on a beta release just for testing if it would be helpfull…is there a separate forum area for testing new releases?


Hello @RayBTWIT,

We will notify you and other MSP partners on the estimated date once we have the information regarding decommissioning Old RMM.

You may register to our demo environment here:

Thank you and have a great day! :slight_smile:

any feedback is welcomed…Pls do so that we can make the product even better for you!

Thank you!