Deleted companies/client still remain in the access scope of user roles in the ITSM

I tested the system for different use cases, in the process creating and delelting users, companies, changing scope moving devices between groups and more.
Any client I have created and deleted still remains days and weeks after in the option of access scope for roles in the ITSM.
I could not seem to find where I can go to delete them also from that section.
If someone can point me to it, I will be very happy.

the link to the technician scope is this (I removed the beginning of the link - so add your)

Hello @InfoSecAdmin,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Comodo is committed to your satisfaction.

Based on your statements, you are trying to manage the Clients/Companies in your ITSM portal. You can manage these Clients from the C1 Portal. Go to Management > Customer > (select the company) > Delete/Edit. You can Delete/Edit all the companies except the default company.

You can learn more about Managing Companies here:

Thank you,

I also have some companies that do not show up here, so I can not delete them.

Hello @BOSS,

We have sent you an email for the process in resolving this case.
Thank you.