Deploy Patch Management via ITSM or RMM

Is there a way to deploy unattended via ITSM or RMM the Patch Management. I tried inputting the settings under install in ITSM using the URL and the MSIEXEC but it doesn’t seem to want to do anything. Tried on several machines.

Hello @derrick.kleckner ,

You can install a software unattended from both ITSM and RMM. Taking Patch Management agent into consideration:

To install the agent using the above information through ITSM, you will have to use:

As you can see, the command must start from ‘/qn’, because msiexec /i and patch_agent.msi (the package name) are implied. Starting the command with ‘msiexec /i patch_agent.msi’ would duplicate this part and therefore the command will fail.

As for RMM, any of the following procedures should work (the second print screen is for COCC installation, but can be altered to install PM agent as well):

Please let us know if any of these helps.

Ahh perfect, that worked, thank you very much!!