Difficult endpoint

So, I enrolled a new endpoint device and waited (and waited) for the RMM add-in to install. This is where things started to go very wrong. Finally the device showed up as available and I tried access which was allowed briefly, then it disconnected. In RMM manager there were now two instances showing. When I tried to connect again I got the RMM is not installed message and it is in the queue. to be installed. Waited some more and then I started to get the device is already in session with another console session. Looking in RMM console I now saw the device appearing 7 or 8 times - all showing unavailable. I removed them all, shutdown RMM console and re-opened. End user was seeing an installation loop of RMM which kept repeating. I had them restart.
I uninstalled the agent to stop the installer from running again.

Now it shows as “Agent installation is ongoing”. I also got some other error like “cannot take over deviceID 40789”.

Not sure how to correct whatever has gone wrong. Should I remove the device and re-enroll?

Hello @Pablo ,

Please remove the RMM Agent Service and Comodo One Client - Communication on the endpoint ( from Control Panel - Programs and Features). After that, if the device is still listed under Device List in ITSM remove it from there as well.
Re-enroll the device in ITSM and redeploy the RMM Agent, this should fix the issue. If it doesn’t, please send us an email to c1-support@comodo.com as we may need to schedule a remote support session in order to investigate this issue.

I left it alone and it seems to have stabilized. I tried a connection and it seemed okay.

Hello @Pablo ,

Glad to hear that, please let us know if you encounter any other issues (either here or by email c1-support@comodo.com).