Disk activity

I’m a little disappointed. There is no way to create an alert for high disk activity? I have 4 computers whose users are complaining about their whole system slowing down several times a day. I’m already monitoring ram and CPU but see no way to monitor disk activity? Ideally I would like to be alerted for high disk I/o and be alerted for it WITH the top servives or processes that are killing the drive.


We understand that this type of monitor functionality is much needed for your MSP needs. We have forwarded your request to our Product team and you can rest assured that this had been acknowledged and is being worked on.

A Monitor like this would be ideal as we often get asked for this.

@jmock have you looked to see what processes are using the active time on the HDD of the devices yet?

Yes, did do some digging within the OS and it seemed like it was the CBS logs that were hitting the hard disk but I would jist prefer to have all of the avsilable through the portal.

We have been having a few issues with HDD activity as well as other MSPs and we have found a bug in the RMMService.exe
(Just something to test stopping)

If you recognise this file, this is because it is part of the Endpoint Manger which ITarian have already fixed with a patch on the way.

Do you know when the bug surfaced?

We spotted the issues in January with CPU usage being 100%, this was fixed in February when we saw improvements but not lots due to HDD usage.