Dome Firewall Central Manager and Virtual Appliance 2.1 Released!

We are happy to announce the global availability of Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance 2.1 and brand new Dome Firewall Central Manager!

Introducing FREE Dome Firewall Central Manager:

Dome Firewall Central Manager can help you to manage multiple Dome Firewall Virtual Appliances which you place in different organizations from a single pane of glass!

You can easily configure and manage your firewalls at remote locations without having to leave your seat!

Dome Firewall Central Manager helps you to centrally manage Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance’s:

  • Firewall Policies
  • Device Status
  • Network Interfaces
  • Firewall Objects
  • Virtual IP/DNAT/SNAT Rules
  • URL Filtering Policies
  • IPS Settings
  • Advanced Threat Protection Policies
  • Firmware Updates
  • License Status
from single pane of glass, per organization and per each device.

Just go to Endpoint Detection and Response, Free - What is EDR Security? and Download your Dome Firewall Central Manager OVA and host it on an virtualization software that you have.

See how it looks like:

What’s New on Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance 2.1:

  • Dome Firewall for devices with less than 4 nics: With this release, you can now install Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance to any devices with at least 2 network interfaces!
  • Dome Firewall Central Manager Integration: After the update, you will see a new menu appearing under System as Central Management, all you have to is, just to put the IP address of your Dome Firewall Central Manager and you can manage your device by using the Central Manager.
In order to update your device just go to System > Firmware and hit update!

What’s Coming Next with Dome Firewall 2.2:

  • Comodo One Integrated and Comodo Hosted Dome Firewall Central Manager will be available next month on Comodo One App Store, for FREE!!

and there will be much more to come for Comodo Dome…

We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

Excellent work guys!

Hi, OVA only ?? can this also be an ISO?


Try this for the ISO

Excellent work guys, looks very promising.
im looking forward to testing this and the release 2.2 for C1 management.

with upgrades, are these inline / live updates like KoruMail or do you need the ISO each time?

Hello @StrobeTech,

We will collect information from our developers and provide you with an update as soon as we can.

Hello @StrobeTech,

As per @bulut, it is inline. Just hit system > firmware update.

hi dittoit,

Right now we provide OVA.

ISO and Cloud Hosted version are coming with next release.

But I’d recommend installing the OVA as this is a very lightweight tool to manage your vast number of Dome Firewall Virtual Appliance. You can just install it into a Virtualbox(or others) in your PC and start it up when you need to manage your firewalls. Even 1 vcpu and 1 g ram would be enough to provision it.

I will be updating once the ISO and Cloud Hosted versions are available.

WOW!!!, Amazing news. Thanks staff.

Feature to add as request:

  • Add a way to manage Onsite/Hosted “Dome Firewall Central Manager and Virtual Appliance” from a central point, just like Cisco Meraki or Vmware Vcental where you just have to add your Onsite/Hosted device/instance to the Central Management and from it make necessary changes without having to go to the device/instance itself?.
  • Ability to map the instance/Device from a site and location perspective like, ex: Site= Company Address / Location:Office or HR or IT Room / GEO Localization: Coordinates HERE.
  • Security based added for tech/admins/etc…

Hi axatech,

It’s matching to our roadmap!

Keep watching here about the upcoming announcements, meanwhile, feel free to share all your ideas and requests.

We would love to hear about your feedback.

So this is not the ISO Download??

Hello @BOSS,

It should be for ISO. We need to verify this with @bulut to avoid confusion.
Thank you for your patience.

@Anna_C this is what made me wonder, likely the reason I still can’t install with only 2NICs


Thanks. I will be waiting for next release Comodo One Integrated and Comodo Hosted Dome Firewall Central Manager will be available next month on Comodo One App Store, for FREE!!

I successfully installed it on an retired Sophos SG 110 UTM box. It’s not a fast box but should do for testing. I’ll be running it at my home to get a feel for it.

One note about the installer - It doesn’t tell the user much about what is going on with the installer. Take a look at the M0n0wall’s console menu after boot. It would be nice if at first boot it could present something like this to assign the Ethernet ports to the LAN/WAN/DMZ functions.

LAN IP address: Port configuration: LAN -> sis0 WAN -> sis1 m0n0wall console setup ********************** 1) Interfaces: assign network ports 2) Set up LAN IP address 3) Reset webGUI password 4) Reset to factory defaults 5) Reboot system
Although this example shows sis0 and sis1 as the two Ethernet interfaces these names depend on the Ethernet cards that are installed. These 4 characters simply identify the driver used to access the Ethernet card and the number of cards that are using the same driver. Other possible Ethernet interface names include, but are not limited to: bge, em, gx, nge, ti, txp, dc, fxp, sis, ste, tl, tx, xl.
3.4.1. Console Setup Menu Options

First I will explain the purpose of each menu option.
Option 1 allows you to assign network interfaces to be used for LAN, WAN, and OPT networks, as well as allowing you to configure VLAN’s.
Option 2 allows you to set the LAN IP address to something other than the default
Option 3 allows you to reset the webGUI password if you have forgotten it.
Option 4 lets you reset the system to factory default configuration. If you get stuck at some point during configuration, sometimes it is easier to start over from scratch.
Option 5 lets you reboot the system.

Hi @vitalsupport I’m curious as to how your testing is going. I have not yet taken the plunge. I’m a bit reluctant on Comodo products recently to be honest, so many issues with ITSM/C1. I can’t risk there being issues with a firewall, that would be disastrous. So i’ll probably be testing this out on my test network soon.


Install not working HV server Windows 10. see attached.

I am still waiting on the answer if the latest version is available in an ISO, as I still need to try the software out??

@dittoit Is this the message you saw during the installation phase with an ISO or are you using the OVA? I found that with the ISO this is the way the installation ends. Not a very well crafted installer from beginning to end. I had to resort to connecting a USB external DVD drive to do the install because the ISO image when written to USB stick with Rufus or any other tool fails to work properly due to hard-coded cdrom: paths for the Kickstart file. I hacked about with it trying manually entering paths for the KS.cfg file but was unsuccessful in getting it to work properly.


@BOSS The link to the ISO is in a post by Jimmy on the first page of this thread. You will need to install it from an actual DVD drive for it to succeed. It will end with a System Halted message when it’s done. Remove the CD and boot from the internal drive you installed to.