Dome Shield - blocking

Is anyone else having this issue? It’s really annoying and whitelisting doesn’t seem to help.

Hi @indieserve none have reported the same issue so far. I will create a ticket thru email for this case. thank you.

Thanks Carl. Seeing it at all sites, and it’s intermittent, for whatever reason it most commonly shows up with Internet Explorer, while Chrome on the same computer will load the URL fine. pinging the host, it resolves to the block IPs (looks like Akamai CDN)? Totally different IP when I nslookup against google dns.

Hi indieserve,

Shield do not use Akamai CDN for block page redirection, can you give us what is that IP?

Hmm… interesting. Can you see if in some of your block lists if you have or had recently: (or any other * URL)? It’s resolving correctly now to 204.337.212.43 but it was resolving to a different IP that was the same as the Comodo one recently (I know because I set up an IDS rule to alert on any hosts hitting that IP when I first started implementing Cdome Shield).

I’m wondering if you weren’t blocking but rather whatever they were cname’ing or redirecting to on Akamai.

I’m unable to B/W list specific domains. I have blocked media streaming under Category Rules. However, I would like to exclude Youtube. Any advice?

Youtube serves his content from various domains (not just on, you should whitelist

I’m trying that now. In addition to that, I would like to block all Bit Torrent activities. Is there any future update to address that?

Korugan VM can block applications like BitTorrent, possibly the free version can also, not sure.