Dome Shield Maximum entries on whitelist reached.

Hi we are using Dome Shield with all categories blocked. And will whitelist any URL that is needed to access.

After about 79 to 80 entries in our whitelist we get this error if we try to add any more.
“Something went wrong during the list update, all changes reverted”

I can create a second whitelist, but if I try to apply it to our network we get this error.
“Cannot apply new policy to RDNS service

Is there a limit to how many domains can be whitelisted?

Hi @DS808

Currently, 80 is the limit. But we were informed by our developers that they are already working on increasing the number of domains which can be black/white-listed. We will be creating a support ticket where we can update you once a release date has been cascaded to us. We appreciate your patience on this matter. Thank you.

Thank you! Issue is fixed. Thank you for being the best service out there. This works perfect and is protecting our network. :slight_smile:

We are always here for you! To serve and protect you!