Download or email a report with the procedures per device per week

Is it possible? so it would be easier to show in an orderly fashion the procedures performed the devices owned by a client or the network, i tried checking the reports tab in the ITSM and Reports too but i don’t see that option, if it could get also the patches would be great.

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We have taken your request will get back with the better solution as soon as possible.

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Hi @codex

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We have completed your script request.please find JSON file attached here.Import this JSON file in procedures in our ITSM and follow up the steps below to schedule the procedure per week.

Step[1]:Go to Configuration Templates > profiles >Click “Profile” applied to a device that requires monitoring.

Step [2]:Choose ‘Monitoring’ from the ‘Add Profile Section’ drop-down. The ‘Procedures’ screen will be displayed.

Step [3]:Click on “Add” to schedule the script

Step [4]: Here give the required fills in the Procedure name,start date,schedule and scheduled time.

Please run the script as “System User”

Please let us know your feedback

Thank you for contacting us.

20180712-cloned-OS_PATCH_RMM_LOGS (1).json (19.1 KB)