Edit Ticket Thread Entries and Make Reason for Editing Optional

Is it possible to allow us to edit ticket thread entries as well as make the reason for editing optional? I sometimes need to edit thread entries for grammar or to add data and adding another note into the thread sometimes makes it convoluted. Also, I don’t have any need for specifying a reason for editing a ticket parameter so I’d like to remove it from the view altogether. We are a small company that doesn’t need this level of auditing yet. Could these settings be added into the admin section?


@bigblock ,

We understand your reason behind these suggestions and we are glad that you have shared this to the Comodo community. We will forward these ideas to Development Team and give you feedback of their output.

Great, thank you @Jimmy !

Hello @bigblock ,

I would like to talk to you about the thread editing issue as well as the other issues you have written in the forum.