EMERGENCY: OSX agent keep restarting every 5 sec

Hi We have a bit of a emergency

ALL or nearly all of our Clients on mac report this issue, Agent keep restarting every 5. seconds causing the active app not to be active, thus they can’t work!!!

THIS is a catastrophy, we now have to uninstall the agent on all of our customers mac’s - fix it !!!

Hi @frederikbay ,

Thank you for reporting this case, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Hi there

we seem to be having the same issue with all our mac client started happening for us last Friday afternoon.

basically roughly every 15 seconds the comodo agent will go inactive then restart itself and make what ever program they are in go to the back of the desktop.

please advise?

thank you


Hi @Rchalmers92 ,

Thank you for letting us know on the other hand we are aware of the situation and we are working very hard to resolve this as quickly as possible.

We will also send you an email for any update.

We are having this issue as well, currently having to remove all of our MacOS clients from C1. This is a major fuck up.

Hi @Joners @Rchalmers92 @frederikbay

We ask for your continued patience and rest assured that our developers are already aware of the issue and are attempting to find a fix for the issue as soon as possible. Rest assured that we are committed to providing the resolution quickly.

Glad it’s being worked on, but at what point does the development process change to avoid these all too common occurrences?

We are dropping C1 from our MacOS endpoints until we get a full report as to why this has happened. We arent far short of dropping C1 as a product all together. Even if we have to pay ££££’s to replace it then i think we might just have to go that route.

Please advise what the issue was and what steps are being taken to avoid this happening again. I need to communicate this out to our dept heads why our RMM tools shit the bed and screwed up their systems.


Hi @frederikbay . We had been informed by our Development Team that the fix for the issue about OSX agent keeps restarting has been completed. Please take time to check and confirm from your end. I did send you an email about this update as well. We will look forward for your response. Thank you.

Hi @Joners , @MTekhna and @Rchalmers92 . Development Team said that this issue has something to do about the file version that had caused this to happen. We understand the urgency of resolving this matter and our Development Team is doing their best to monitor and prevent this kind of instances from happening again. We highly appreciate your understanding and patience on issues like this. Thank you

Hi @Joners and @Rchalmers92 . I had also send you an email on your corresponding email addresses about this update as well. Please take time to check and confirm. Thank you.

I think we need more info than this, is it that Comodo replaced a file that caused the problem or was it out of your control? I have seen this before where Comodo replaced the Dome SSL but failed to advise anybody leaving customer with an error when SSL pages were blocked. I had to report it before you guys knew anything about it !!

You have the Demo.xxxx environment setup, you need to test these things before they are implemented.

It doesn’t seem to be getting across how badly these malfunctions are affecting our business. On the one hand, they keep happening. And on the other the response is we’re aware, we’re working on it, it’s fixed. On our end we have to report with answers. The questions are, why does it keep going out? Why does this continue to be a problem? Responsible development does not break stuff like this. Also thorough reporting on the issue as to what happened is not only helpful to us but also internally for the development team to make sure things like this don’t happen. I’ve been using this platform for going on 2 years now. These issues during the first year or few months were bearable but the product and its development process should be more mature now. I think we’ve been very patient but there comes a point where it wears thin. These sort of issues can lose clients and jobs. If C1 continues placing a strain on those relationships ultimately a choice must be made.

Hi @MTekhna
We thank you for your valuable feedback. Comodo is committed to your satisfaction and we, in C1 Support, will work with our development team to ensure the best possible response. While we strive to achieve resolution as quickly as possible, issues that require configuration changes are typically completed in less than five business days and those that would require a code change will be available with the next release. After development has reviewed your issue, we will pass along any additional updates. Note that production-stopping critical issues are handled with the highest priority and addressed in real-time.

I can appreciate that you are all trying your best on this but all we as customers can do is compare your product against the competition and this is where it falls over. Ive used several RMM platforms over the years and have never experienced issues like Ive had with C1. The constant failure of core services is frightening, I have zero confidence in the product suite. Every single aspect of C1 has had a major failure at sometime within the last 90days for me. Thats simply not good enough. Im sure im not alone in this. Comodo’s reputation isnt being helped by this.

as mentioned in the other posts, next two sprints are purely stability focussed.
We recently invested heavily in a new cloud infrastructure and moved it all to Amazon (2-3 weeks ago). We had many hardware based outages due to limitation of our data center provider. a good chunk of them have been now addressed. After the transition we faced one or two configuration issues that affected service desk…thats solved too… So lately we are seeing a more stable operation thanks to new amazon infrastructure. Of course now we are focussing on adding even more stability for the next two sprints.

Thanks for the information, it would of been nice if this had been communicated ahead of time.

e all know the risks and issues involved in migration services and would of been more understanding had this been mentioned.