Endpoint Manager Expiring in 15 days


I’m getting a notification that my Endpoint Manager will expire in 15 days, and when I try to renew the license, it requires me to upgrade. I had the understanding that this was free and would not expire.

Any clues?

@DiogoNeves ,

It is indeed free. You need not to upgrade. Thes system will automatically upgrade your license on its prescribed date and time. Should you encounter any issues, please do send us an email @ c1-support@comodo.com.

Thanks @Jimmy ,

So, if I do not upgrade to a different package it should renew automatically to the free version I currently have. Did I understand it right?

Thank you so much for the clarification!

@DiogoNeves ,

That is correct. It should automatically renew. If for some reason it does not then our support team will assist in getting the license renewed.

Itarian license for Endpoint Manager should renew with no issues, but if this is a antivirus license this is a paid feature.

Thank you @Jimmy and @StrobeTech


Thank you for the response. We’ve seen your reply as well on the ticket we’ve sent. @StrobeTech Thank you for pointing that out