Endpoint Manager- Hotfix for Communication Client 2019-03-15

Hello everyone,

We would like to inform you that we will have a hotfix over Communication Client on tomorrow(2019-03-15) in the morning. The hotfix will be released for the items below:

  • Fixed the issue of applying EM profile improperly to endpoints which led Comodo Client Security updates to fail
  • Fixed the issue of resetting the Containment-baseline mode counter when any section is changed and saved in EM profiles
  • Fixed the issue of high resource consumption on hard drives caused by RMM processes
  • Fixed the issue of exporting problems on Security Dashboards views
  • Communication Client - 6.26.23576.19030
Thanks for your understanding Regards Can Colak, Product Manager Endpoint Manager ITarian

Good to know. Will be interesting to see if it stops the high resource consumption. Seems to keep popping up.

Excellent work, thank you guys for performing this early release.

Does the client update automatically get pushed out to existing clients?

There is a policy section you can add to your profiles that tell the EM when and how to update EM and CCS.