Endpoint protection not pushing

Ok so ITSM is installed and working. Rmm is installed and working however when I push the Security 10 install via it just says command in Que. I have remoted into the pc and can see the msi.exe running however it never installs and is alwasys sitting in que. Is there another way of maybe manually downloading this or is there a resolution someone has found that may remedy this?

Hello @dfranke2703
Without resorting to using RMM, you can deploy the Comodo Client Security (CCS) to the enrolled endpoint(s) through the ITSM portal.

If the push isnt working, https://dl.one.comodo.com/download/ the files are there :slight_smile:

Hi dfranke2703 ,

As a workaround you can install bulk installation package from ITSM->Devices-> Bulk Installation Package with security client included in the package and run it on a fresh device (not enrolled to ITSM) https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-10853-Enroll-Windows-and-Mac-OS-Devices-by-Offline-Installation-of-Agent.html

If your device is already enrolled to ITSM you should rename the file as installer.exe and run. Meanwhile our support team will reach you for sorting out the main issue.

@ahmetenes I had previously been getting a failed install with the bulk bundled install package. Has this been fixed?

Hello @MTekhna,

Yes, it should work. Please let us know if you will encounter any issue. Thank you

@Samuel_C Still not working.