Endpoint Security Client

Please roll out an email to all your One Comodo clients not to install the Windows 10 Intel Bug fix patch tonight at 5PM EST or they will risk BSOD their machine. Google has been keeping track of which AV companies will be ready when the FIX becomes available and who won’t be.

You better let people know before they call start calling you tomorrow and the days to come.



@smoothrunnings ,

Our Development Team is already in discussions with respective groups. our product developers will provide a resolution as soon as possible.

Will comodo push this out via windows updates or is this a manual update?? Do we have a KB??

Hi @dittoit

Here is an article about the KB’s. Microsoft is already releasing these and should be available through ITSM patch module. However, we are still evaluating and testing the effects of these updates with security client.


We will update everyone once we conclude the next steps.


Don’t need an MS Update to brick a PC, just install Comodo Client Security (CCS).
Real shame we have not seen an update in our portal about this.

But seriously, we have found over the last few weeks that all you need is CCS to be installed and it will randomly take required system DLLs or corrupt other files during a scan rendering your PC useless.

Hi @dittoit , @smoothrunnings

Please find our post regarding this on here: https://c1forum.comodo.com/forum/products/other-comodo-products/comodo-device-management/21412-cpu-vulnerabilities-meltdown-and-spectre