Enroll devices to device group.

Is there a way to enroll a device to a device group from the enrollment link provided? We have many computers that are categorized by divisions in several states and we would like to be able to provide the staff at these locations with a link that would enroll their computer to a device group.

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The enrollment link is only good for enrolling devices one at a time. Enrolled devices fall under Default Company (which would require you to move the devices later). The Bulk enrollment process (, on the other hand, allows you to choose the group where the devices would be listed. (this process creates a specific .msi file installer with a specific token already embedded on it) You can choose to skip installing the Client Security and its AV database update and push the CCS installation from the portal at a later time)

Thanks again Jimmy, I will work on creating an MSI for each group and make them available to our technicians.

@Dave_Kotula ,

You are very much welcome. :slight_smile: