Enrolling new device error

I am trying to re-enroll a device with an exciting user account and I’m getting an error saying it can’t send the email. What’s broken now?

Hello @brt_kraig ,

Nothing seems to be wrong with our systems, they are up and running. Could you please try to enroll the device again and if you are still getting that error, capture it in a screenshot and send it over to us at c1-support@comodo.com so we can analyze it?

If he is talking about the enrollment email for the cdm, I have had that same problem for a couple weeks, I even emailed your support about it, and did again today. Had this problem since your last update.

Hello @BOSS ,

According to our communication through emails, your issue seems to be related to the license key and it might be different than the one that brt_kraig is experiencing, therefore we will have to analyze each case before being able to provide a resolution.