False positive results on missing patches

I’m having an issue with some managed hosts incorrectly reporting available/not-installed patches. I’m testing most extensively on a single device (a Win7-64 VM) but the problem is presenting itself on about 5 endpoints. I gathered a few notes, which I’ve posted below. I’m hoping there’s an obvious solution that I’m missing, because this issue has eluded my best attempts to resolve it with the tools available in ITSM.

PM tab on device info page shows “No results found” when filtered for Available patches.
Removing filter and viewing all patches shows everything as installed.
Trying to sort ascending/descending on “Status” column shows “Patches service is currently not responding.”

Device List view shows 35 missing patches for Win7 VM.
Clicking warning icon/missing-patch count link returns to PM page with “Patches service is currently not responding” text from previous sort attempt.

Running Windows Update returns “Windows is up to date.” No available patches.

Issue has survived reboots and persisted for several days, despite attempts to run wuapp.exe manually and refresh device information.

Can someone tell me what’s going on and what I’m missing?


Indeed @shnladd there is something not quite matching there. The reported number of missing patches in the ‘Device List’ view is incorrect. The Patch Manager is correct with the data it presented to you. The misreported number seems to be due to the lack of proper response from the ‘Patches service’.

We will raise your concern to our product development team and update you as we get word from them.

Hi @shnladd . Good day to you. We had sent you an email about this reported case. Kindly check your mailbox for the provided instructions. Thank you.

Hi Parker,

I replied to the e-mail and included the zipped pmlogs directory and the pm.db file.

Hi @shnladd . Our Development Team had provided their response. Please check your mailbox. Thank you.

I as well am having this issue with my setup. Is there a solution to this?

@jemerson ,

We have included your report as well concerning this case. Support will get in touch shortly via email for any information that will be needed for the investigation.