Feature Request: Quick Glance Dashboard


Something I miss from our old RMM provider is the ability to have a dashboard program. In short, this program scrolled through the systems and customers and we could see at a glance the systems that needed attention. The devices were colour coded with green being no problems, amber being minor problems (updates required etc) and red being major problems (critical updates, low disk space etc). This made it easier to identify problems and act faster.

Currently in the ITarian/Comodo One portal, you have to manually go through each device to see the exact problems or use the dashboard feature, but even the dashboard isn’t 100% clear where problems may be. Automated emails are nice (which we use), but again, having that glance dashboard really made the difference.

@tbmuk ,

We thank you for providing us with information about what you like to see as an added feature in our Remote Tool. We have forwarded your request to our Product Development Team. We will make sure to provide you with an email notification with their feedback.