Forum Maintenance

Hi everyone

We apologize for the inconvenience introduced by the forum being down for about 8 hours today due to a security maintenance. Vbulletin announced 2 new vulnerabilities (…62#post2600862) and an update new security patch. The team planned a very short maintenance time (about 10 min), but was blocked much longer because a major change of other component versions that needed to be changed on the server. Specifically, python version incompatibilities occured during the update, and the team had to apply re-installation of the forum multiple times, and then restoring the data and making sure nothing is left behind, all data restored properly and the patch applied successfully. As you may see now, we have the latest stable version 5.5.4 (5.5.5 is still Alpha)

Again, we’re sorry about the downtime we introduced because of this reason.

Out of curiosity, I believe I have previously read on this forum that the forum software and the Itarian platform are separate and that the previous forum hack/data breach where data was stolen could/would not affect the Itarian platform. Are you able to explain why I lost the ability to log in to the Itarian platform last night when the forum server(s) were offline due to the upgrade? This seems a bit suspect so I am hoping you can clear it up.


Hi Terry,

Comodo have a central account management system called Cam, and this was down causing your issues.